Eight Month Update

Our eighth month started with a 12 hour bus journey to the “fin del mundo”, Ushuaia. The southernmost city in the world may only be on an equivalent latitude to the UK’s Lake District, but it’s far south of anywhere in New Zealand or South Africa, so maybe it does deserve the title.

Looking down over Ushuaia

Climatically and Geologically, it’s more like central Norway than northern England. The cold south Pacific currents that affect Fitzroy’s climate are here too, but fortunately(?!) gas prices are ridiculously low so the poorly insulated buildings are kept toasty warm.

We ventured out into our tent for a beautiful, if chilly three day trek, which saw the first true wild camping of our trip. After the first night, on which we had a lake to ourselves, the second and third days brought fast changing scenery from farmland to native forest and a bushline campsite with glaicer views to a rocky, barren mountain pass.

Looking back to Laguna del Caminante, where we had camped the night before.

The knowledge that we are soon to regain an income has changed our attitude towards money, and this has definitely made life easier. We’ve remained relatively controlled but haven’t tried to stick rigidly to our budget. I’m looking forward to seeing the final addition and how much this effects our spending.

We’ve just finished a ten day stint with Alice’s parents. We were very keen for them to visit us at some point but it took until now for them to find the free time. It was Jane’s first trip outside of Europe; Martin’s only previous long haul trip was to California, so quite an adventure for both of them.

Argentinan culture isn’t quite as foreign as they expected but vast deserts, penguins and the Andes gave them some new experiences. I love planning holidays so was delighted to act as tour guide, but it was slightly more tiring than I expected.

Now for two weeks rest and relaxation before the end of our trip and a return to (a new) normality.

Looking out over what Martin described as the ‘best view ever’. I agree, it’s pretty hard to beat.

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