Scheme of Work

Updated July 2018:

This is my current KS3+4 Scheme of Work. You can read my rationale behind this in two blog posts: Scheming 1 and Scheming 2.

The overall plan looks like the picture below. The colours refer to branches of maths and I try to mix it up as much as possible: I feel that this helps keep lessons varied and builds in spaced-practice by default.

The topics are very interleaved in that the longest I spend on one topic is 2 or 3 hours and I’ve made an effort to make clear as many perquisites as possible. Overall though, you can see that there is lots more number (orange) in year 7 than in year 11, which looks like this:

The topic descriptions are drawn from individual tabs for each branch of maths. For example, the geometry tab looks like this:

This way, you can see clearly how each topic builds up from year to year.

Note that this document says very little about how ideas should be taught, just what order they should be taught in. Each sequence of lessons has a separate word document which lists ideas for how to teach it, which also come originally from Highgate. They’re not yet all sufficiently organised or complete to share, but I’ll post them below as I continue to work on them:

Geometry – Trigonometry