I love collaboration, which is why I am very happy to have discovered the educational twitter community. I enjoy the general ideas and big-picture teaching discussions that take place, but I particularly love the nitty gritty: discussions of the practical side of teaching.

I find that I get the most ideas that I can apply straight into my lessons when people share resources and others makes suggestions for improvement.

I’ve done it a few times myself recently, and had really useful feedback from other twitter users. A few other people are doing it, but I’d love it if it was even more common. I find some such posts on #mathschat and #mathscpdchat, but there is also a lot of more general patter.

So to focus in on the detail, I’m going to start using #mathsresourcechat and encouraging others to do the same.

As the examples show, posting a picture of the resources makes it particularly easy for others to see and comment.

Go forth and start resource discussions!

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