Introduction to Learning

Classroom Expectations

I created this presentation a few years ago, when I decided that I wanted to be clearer about my expectations at the start of the year.

I don’t like to take up the whole of the first lesson doing this, as I think it’s important to get some content teaching in early, so you’ll see that I ‘drip feed’ the key points that I want to include. More recently, I added short quizzes to test and reinforce the knowledge, in the same way I would with subject content knowledge.

Midge on twitter asked about introducing rules and routines for group work. I’m not an expert in this, but in the past I’ve used an approach suggested by Nrich, which you can read about here:

What is Maths?

I created a couple of pieces of homework, aimed at getting pupils to think about what it means to be a mathematician, simultaneously introducing them to a couple of my favourite podcasts. I specifically chose two female mathematicians in order to try to tackle the classic gender stereotype.

Beyond the times mentioned in the task, Hannah goes on to specifically discuss gender equality in mathematics. I’m in the process of turning that into part of my gender equality lessons as part of the Depth and Breadth course at my school.