About Me

I’m Luke. I love learning, especially if it’s about teaching, languages, science, politics and sport. After seven years at a comprehensive in rural Lincolnshire, I studied maths at Cambridge. This has been the focus of my teaching career so far but I’m also particularly interested language and outdoor education.

I created this blog to share the resources and I’ve created, stolen and adapted over the last ten years, and write about what I’m learning. I love conversation and debate and I’m looking for a community of people who want to talk about the best way to teach, both in a general sense but also focusing on specific topics. I never take offence, value criticism highly and would love to receive formative feedback on any of my resources.

My teaching experience had mostly been in two selective schools in the UK. The first one encouraged¬†discovery approaches to learning, which I found often worked well with high-attaining, motivated children. I’ve recently moved to be Head of Maths and Assessment at a non-selective school in Geneva, so I am particularly looking forward to learning more about mixed-attainment teaching.

Want more details? here are links to my twitter and linkedin.